Dear Dumb Diary,They Read You,are making a movie about this, and now a WIKI??????!!!!!! Jamie Kelly, a middle school student with a crush on Hudson Rivers and an enemy named Angeline has you have fun with Jamie and her diary!

        By James Kelly Benton
      (a.k.a.. Jim Benton)

Jamie and FriendsEdit

Jamie Kelly is a bit of a jerk, but readers love her. Her favorite color is Kelly Green(Jamie:Hey! How do you know this stuff! Have you been reading my diary!?


....J: OK,what is your hair color?!

M: Dark Blonde with brunette browness...?! J: sure,you can read my diary,but not #12

M: that cool. (Now, Jamie's voice will be in ilatics, mine will be Normal.) Now her crush is....*interuppts* Do NOT tell them about my boyfriend!!!! augh!! !:(!:(!:(? well, she has about 3 friends who are they? Jamie, you know they are:Emmily, Margaret, and Isabella(BFF) Jamie, I told you not to talk to stangers! (Oh, now Isabella's in BOLD) To be CONTINUED... why does Isabella say the strong word? Because of the muscle...What? best I can say it!? You forgot about my blond enemy. Oh, yeah, Angeline. Do NOT say her name. Jamie, we're friends with Angeline now. Oh yeah, we are... (There will now be normal, Italics, Bold, and CAPITALS) JAMIE YOU MUST HATE ME. why? IM A BLONDE. STRAIGHT BLONDE. Are you friends with Angeline? NO Then you may read my diary. JAMIE, IT'S A GREAT HONOR TO BE ALLOWED TO READ YOUR DIARY.

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